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The optimal function between body, mind and soul is what attracts me to this beautiful and challenging exertion. Mental strength and positive thinking can both contribute in making you a better, more complete, successful and content athlete. Whether you are a hobbyist or professional athlete – the process of participation and relaxation leads to a more focused and confident athlete. Losing doesn’t exist – you either win, or learn something that will lead to victory. My goal is having you participate at your optimum potential!

Being a very passionate and active athlete myself – from cricket to kickboxing and everything in between, I have the knowledge and experience to help any athlete on any level. Studying and working n Europe for 5 years gave me even more insight and experience about different athletes in a variety of sports on different levels. Whether you are starting, or at the peak of your fitness/sport career – I am goal-driven and determined to improve any athlete.

“I’m passionate about two things – sport and people.”

My academic achievements include:

BA Human Movement Science (Sport Psychology) degree at the University of Pretoria

Post-graduate degree in Psychology at the University of South Africa

Post-graduate degree in Psychometry at the University of Johannesburg

Diploma in Fitness & Health Trainer (Vital Akedemie – Vienna, Austria)

Diploma in Sport Mental Training (Vital Akedemie – Vienna, Austria)


Each individual is exactly that, individual Every person knows that we see, feel and experience things different than the person/athlete next to you. Sport is no different. No days on the training ground or competitions are the same. This combination of individualism and sport-related challenges makes every situation unique and gives endless possibilities and challenges. You want someone who can give you tailor made solutions – in German or English.


  • Individual and team motivation and empowering
  • Setting purposeful goals, recognising them and help you achieve them
  • (Re)gain mental strength and positive thinking
  • Relaxation and refocusing
  • Improve and maintain team capabilities and communication
  • Building/improving team chemistry
  • Study and guidance towards an event or race


Have you ever wanted to compete in a Walk or Run but never had the motivation or drive to achieve your goal?

Assisting you both physically and mentally – I can help you overcome the obstacles that have kept you from accomplishing your goals. Having finished two ultra-marathons and a handful of marathons and studying to be a fitness coach and mental coach – I have the unique ability and experience to understand your challenges and ensure you reach optimal performance training. I will accompany you on a physical and/or mental journey providing you with the correct steps to achieve the goals you desire. I can be your very own personal trainer and with the help of my experience and knowledge, guide you through the obstacles of finishing your dream half marathon/marathon. I will be there to help you every step of the way, be it mental or physical or both.

Physical aspects:

  • Help to create a training program that fits your needs and demands
  • Can accompany you in training (running with you in training to give tips and advice)
  • Help with technique where necessary
  • Basic nutritional assistance

Mental aspects:

  • Finding and defining your goals
  • Make sure goals are achieved
  • Relaxation
  • Emotional guidance and support


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Tel nr:

+27 62 024 2868